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Why are there no boat prices on your website?

Final boat pricing on custom boats can often be incomplete well into the construction, as decisions on various purchase parts, electronics and systems can often wait. Base pricing on aluminum, assembly and common systems is available for all sample boats on request.

What are the size ranges you will design and build?

BNJ Marine Ltd. is proud to offer design and building service from 17' to 46'. BNJ Marine Ltd. offers prototype design services to associate builders, some spec. designs are also offered for bid to these builders. BNJ Marine Ltd. prefers to concentrate its building services on boats of 26' to 46'.

Some builders are now pushing polystyrene foam cut and fit in contradiction to polyurethane spray on foam, stating corrosion and water penetration problems.

Polyurethane vs. polystyrene
At BNJ Marine Ltd. we are well aware and up to date on all potential material conflicts, and what methods of production reduces or eliminates potential problems. We use both these materials in the appropriate locations.

While it is true that seawater will penetrate polyurethane foam over great periods of time and react with aluminum hulls. Careful applications excluding select sections of hull in v hull applications greatly increases rigidity, reduces noise and provides positive floatation with virtual no risk in that bilge section of hull is excluded and expected to be dry in normal operations.


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