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Essentially custom boat design is prototype development. Prototype development when related to 3D design, CAD CAM technology, CNC cutting, CNC bending and assembly method production, equals all the tools for aluminum production boat building.

There are many people who have an interest in developing custom boats. The individual boat buyer and the production boat builder share this requirement.

BNJ Marine Ltd. Is proud to offer Boat In A Box Builder Kits.

Our builder kits where originally designed for the professional builder, significant skill is required to see professional results. Much of the expensive professional equipment on the other hand is not required to build our kits, example brakes and sheers are not required. In conclusion an accomplished aluminum welder with an adequate shop and quality welding equipment may expect excellent results. When considering one of our builder kits please ensure you have adequate equipment to remove the rather large boxes off the delivery truck.

Below are samples of boat in a box kits developed for professional builders and boat kits available at this time.

Please give us a call for more information or to order a kit today.

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Boat In A Box Builder Kits

Boat In A Box Builder Kits can be delivered to your shop. Kits include construction manual, in paper and soft copy (dvd or cd). Complete CNC developed Sheet Marine grade Aluminum Parts and custom tools required. Some common aluminum extrusions will also be required and are listed in kit. Contact BNJ Marine Ltd. For the growing number of aluminum powerboat kits available.



Jaxon Craft Story

The owner of Jaxon Craft, Robert Jackson came to BNJ Marine Ltd. to develop a twenty-four foot hull that he could start his line with. BNJ developed bottom plates and suggested the side plates and sheer line.

Four slightly different boats and a couple years later, Mr. Jackson was very impressed with his boat bottoms and how these boats where handling in the water. Mr. Jackson now wanted to move this boat into production; it must be reproducible with little deviation (tolerance).

BNJ Marine ltd. once again steps up to the plate with what we call Production Prototype Development for aluminum boat builders. Providing complete one hundred percent of the sheet metal CNC (computer numerically controlled) part development, we call Boat In A Box Builder Kits (Essentially all the parts and manual to build a boat ready and dropped off at your shop).

In this case reverse engineering the last Jaxon Craft boat producing a copy of this boat. The new boat, the (CNC Boat) to have the same hull and similar windscreen, sheer, styling and purpose.

The scantlings and longitudinal (super structure) is the BNJ Marine Ltd. way, self-Jigging weld assembly prototyping, we call Boat In A Box Builder Kits. There where of course a few cosmetic issues also addressed. Also added to the basic kit later was the development of the canvas top and radar arch. Judge for your self, Mr. Jackson is happy with the results.

Also see Western Mariner October 2006 article page twenty-one.



My dealings to date with BNJ have been excellent. I initially hired them to supply me with offsets for a set of bottom plates to facilitate a 24 ft offshore boat . After development and topside changes, that boat was eventually copied for CNC production by BNJ. The transition went very smoothly with their experience and connections in the industry. The follow up and assistance while building with this new method was impeccable. Alterations and improvements were executed in a very timely fashion and the end result was more than expected. The process created a stronger, lighter and vastly more accurately built boat in 1/3 to 1/2 the time that it previously took. As time goes by, I expect even those figures to diminish. One by-product of this computer assisted method is a wealth of information and graphics (weights, angles, dimensions) that a builder could never expect to have at his disposal so conveniently.
In the interim the BNJ team supplied me with plate developments for numerous other boats, all which were very successful and highly regarded by their owners.
My relationship with BNJ will be ongoing and I heartily recommend their services to anyone building boats for any purpose.

R Jackson
Jaxoncraft Marine Ltd.



BNJ Marine Ltd. recently worked with Jaxon Craft in the preliminary general arrangement drawings for a future 24 hard top similar to the J24.

Original 3D hull development for JXC 24
Jaxoncraft JXC 24 number 4 pull up build method
Jaxoncraft JXC 24 BNJ CNC kit build method.
Scantlings assembly JXC 24.



J17 Sport Fisher

This little center console originally designed for a local builder is now available from BNJ Marine Ltd. Boat in a box single build kit at a very competitively priced.


J24 BNJ Boat In A Box Builder kit.
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