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The BNJ Marine Way - Custom Boat Building Design and Method

Precise boat design... what you see is what you get! Designing your boat in 3D cyberspace is very much like pre-building your boat. Waste is dramatically reduced; system conflicts and complexities are easily identified and worked out. The boat is assembled from predetermined and fabricated parts. Flat patterns taken from the 3D model are computer cut and bent. Tolerances are very tight.
Exacting control…every part and assembly created in cyberspace generates managed, realistic and related information. This results in control; cost control, detail control, weight & balance control and performance control.
Accurate weight, balance and hydrostatics… each and every item is accounted for. Expected live loads and consumables can also be factored in to balance the boat.
Enhanced communication between builder and customer…images can be cut from the 3D model at any time during development. Items, parts, concerns and conflicts can all be observed and viewed from any angle. Gone from our process is the complicated interpretive 2D drawing

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